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Blood Pressure Diet- Nutrition Facts and Food Recommendations


Everybody has consumed sodium in their regular diet and also it’s an important fact of life. Getting too much of sodium also leads to high blood pressure, so everyone should be aware of it’s and take only certain amount of salt in the food items. If you want to maintain your diet, first of all you should learn why reducing the sodium intake.

In fact, the good news about salt has included a lot of benefits that can increase the boiling point of water, improve the flavor of several food items and also tenderizes the meats. At the same time, a bad news about salt is containing 2, 300 milligrams of sodium in a tablespoon.

The nutrition can also affect the blood pressure in which the certain food items can raise the blood pressure and some of the foods can reduce the blood pressure. If you gain more weight, the blood pressure will be increased and also lowers the blood pressure, when you lose weight. Medically, this high blood pressure is also known as hypertension in which the pressure in your arteries is beyond the normal range.

In order to control this condition, one should eat the foods that are lower in salt, fat and calories. Instead of adding salt to the flavor foods, you can use the herbs, lemon, spices, and vinegar or fruit juices. Below are some of the useful lists of foods that you should eat to control the blood pressure such as:

  • Fruits like fresh, canned or frozen without adding salt
  • Skinless turkey and chicken
  • Plain rice, potatoes and pasta
  • Low salt and ready to eat cereals
  • Consume 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables each day
  • Cooked hot cereal
  • Calcium rich foods such as milk, yogurt, etc
  • Lean meat
  • Low salt and low fat cheeses
  • Take vegetables like frozen, fresh or canned without adding salt
  • Richly colored such as orange, red and green items are higher in minerals and potassium, that helps to lower the blood pressure level.
  • Prepare the lower salt convenience food
  • Breads
  • Mineral rich foods such as unsalted nuts and seeds like squash, pumpkin and sunflower


Guide to lower your blood pressure

Whatever you eat, it might be created the chances of increasing the high blood pressure. According to the research, high blood pressure can be lowered as well as prevented by properly following some of the useful approaches and eating plan. Actually, the high blood pressure is a blood pressure that should not be higher than 140/90 mmHg. The prehypertension is also a blood pressure that normally ranges between 120/80 and 139/89 mmHg. Among these, the high blood pressure is very dangerous to health, because it makes the heart to work very hard that tightens the artery walls, which cause the body parts to work poorly.

Surprising facts about blood pressure

  • Too much of sodium can cause high blood pressure
  • Eat potassium rich foods that are more important for healthy blood pressure
  • The blood pressure level can be varied by one arm to another
  • Lifting too much weight can also increase the blood pressure