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Essential Diet Plans & Nutrients for High or Low Blood Pressure


High blood pressure which is also known as the hypertension in the medical term is a silent killer to everyone. The higher level of pressure in your blood will be caused by your physical and mental pressures due to the hectic life schedule or many other reasons. The normal blood pressure level is 120/70 or sometimes 140/90. Each and every person should have the blood pressure only within this range. When it increases to 160/96 to 180/114, it is considered as the moderate hypertension and it is considered as the severe high blood pressure. High blood pressure is not only the problem because most of the men and women are also getting the lower level of blood pressure even below 120/70. It will also be the very big problem and create a lot of negative health effects. This condition of lower blood pressure is considered as the hypotension. 

Nutritional foods for hypertension (high blood pressure):

  • White beans – For lowering high blood pressure, white beans is definitely a very good diet which should be taken daily. Consuming 1 cup of white beans will give you 24 % of potassium, 30 % of magnesium and 13 % of calcium necessary to naturally reduce the blood pressure and keep it normal.
  • Fat free plain yogurt – Taking 1 cup of fat free plain yogurt gives you 12 % of magnesium, 49 % of calcium and also 18 % of potassium you require every day for lowering the blood pressure level.
  • Pork tenderloin – When the people with the hypertension takes 3 ounces of pork tenderloin every day, it will give you 15 % of potassium and 6 % of magnesium to balance the blood pressure level.
  • Kiwi fruit – Kiwi fruit contains 7 % of magnesium, 2 % of calcium and also 9 % of potassium. Everyone with the higher blood pressure is recommended taking one or two kiwi fruit daily to lowering your blood pressure level.


Nutritional foods for hypotension (lower blood pressure):


When you have lower or very lower blood pressure, you probably get dizziness and various other health problems. The following are the necessary food items you should consume to increase the blood pressure and maintain the balanced level.

  • Raisins or kishmish – It is really an excellent natural remedy to cure the lower blood pressure problems of the humans. Those with the hypotension should need to take soaked raisins daily on the empty stomach to maintain your balanced blood pressure.
  • Carrots – Carrot is a wonderful vegetable which is full of essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. The people with the lower blood pressure can consume carrot juice everyday in the morning to improve your blood circulation. In a glass of carrot juice, you can add two tbsp of honey and drink twice a day for getting better results.
  • Milk and almonds – Milk is the traditional home remedy to cure the dizziness of the lower blood pressure. You just soak 4 to 5 almonds in the water over night and peel off to make a smooth paste. Then, add it in the cup of milk to consume for your lower blood pressure problems.