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List of Foods Which Are Rich in


Every human should need to consume more amounts of anti-oxidants daily in your diet along with other types of nutrients for having healthy lifestyle. Lack of antioxidants in your daily foods may create cell damage especially oxidation, cancer, DNA damage and several other types of health problems. Increased amounts of free radicals in your body are also the result of anti-oxidant lagging in your foods. So, all the health care providers are suggesting people to take more amounts of anti-oxidants rich foods for your healthy living.

Anti-oxidant rich foods:

Many herbs, fruits and vegetables are rich in the antioxidants like beta carotene, vitamin C, lycopene and flavonoids. These are highly necessary anti-oxidants to eliminate the free radicals from your body. Here is a list of foods which are rich in the anti-oxidants.

  • Wild blueberries – These blueberries found in the wild areas include 14,000 ORAC score of anti-oxidants.
  • Dark chocolate with 21,000 ORAC score
  • Goji berries with 25,000 ORAC score
  • Pecans with 17,000 ORAC score
  • Elderberries with 14,000 ORAC score
  • Artichoke with 9400 ORAC score
  • Cranberries with 9500 ORAC score
  • Blackberries with 5300 ORAC score
  • Kidney beans with 8400 ORAC score
  • Cilantro with 5100 ORAC score

When the individuals often consume these kinds of foods in the frequent manner in your daily diet, you can able to eliminate dangerous free radicals available in your body tissues. By this way, you will be get rid of the risk of DNA damage and risk of cancer. Some other unwanted health conditions like dementia and heart diseases are mainly because of the oxidative damage in the human body. The antioxidants you consume with your foods would be very helpful to reduce this oxidative damage and help improving your heart health better.

Herbs rich in antioxidants:

Like above mentioned vegetables and fruits, a lot of herbs are also rich in the anti-oxidants nutrient to give complete nutritional benefits to the humans. A list of anti-oxidants rich herbs include,

  • Cinnamon with 267,537 ORAC score
  • Clove with 314,446 ORAC score
  • Turmeric with 102,700 ORAC score
  • Oregano with 159,277 ORAC score
  • Cumin with 76,800 ORAC score
  • Dried Parsley with 74,349 ORAC score
  • Cocoa with 80,933 ORAC score
  • Basil with 67,553 ORAC score
  • Thyme with 27,426 ORAC score
  • Ginger with 28,811 ORAC score

These are the essential herbs which you should take in your daily diet for your extensive health benefits by the anti-oxidants. The most considerable health benefits given by the anti-oxidant nutrient existing in these herbs will be,

  • Longer life span
  • Reduced risk of cancer
  • Slowing aging
  • Healthy and glowing skin
  • Detoxification support

The anti-oxidants available in these foods items would be very helpful to detoxify your complete body and keep improving the functions of every part. Pre-mature skin is the very big problem faced by the younger girls due to the lack of anti-oxidants in your body. You should take these herbs daily for getting glowing and healthy skin.