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Nutrition and Healthy Consumption of Alcohol


The moderate alcohol consumption can always be the best thing for both physical and mental well being. Over the decades, the humans have been drinking this beverage and also discussing about its advantages and disadvantages. Still, the debate about alcohol continues today whether it is good or bad for health. According to the study, the alcohol is a tonic as well as a poison based on the consumption by people. The difference between these two lies on the doses. Usually, the moderate drinking of alcohol is always good for body parts and systems, which help to protect against the gallstones and type-2 diabetes.

When it comes to drinking alcohol, the major key factor is moderation. The moderate use of alcohol contains numerous health benefits that take a step to improve your heart functions as well as overall health. Besides drinking alcohol, eating a healthy diet and exercising can also leads to several benefits of the health. You should also keep in mind that the moderate use of drinking is not risk free, which means that drinking and driving is never be a good idea to anyone. The moderate is in the sense; one should take a drink per day for both men and women of all ages. If you beyond the age of 65, it is possible to take two drinks per day. For instance,

  • Wine- 148 milliliters (5 fluid ounces)
  • Beer- 355 milliliters (12 fluid ounces)
  • Distilled spirits- 44 milliliters (5 fluid ounces)

Healthy advantages of using moderate alcohol

If you would like to drink alcohol at limited consumption, you will surely obtain the following health benefits that include:

  • Possibility to minimize the risk of diabetes
  • Minimize the risk of creating and dying from heart disease
  • Reduce the chances of heart attack
  • Minimize the risk of ischemic stoke

Asides from this, if you don’t have a habit of drinking alcohol, you do not start drinking to attain these possible health benefits. In most of the cases, it is also very safe to avoid drinking beverages thoroughly because these benefits do not outweigh the risks.

Top benefits of drinking alcohol

One should attain several possible benefits to their health by drinking alcohol. Here are the top benefits of alcohol consumption that includes:


Red wine actually burn fats

The consumption of red wine can be good for attitude, weight loss and overall health. According to the studies, the red wine can leads to enjoy a well-being.


Alcohol fight against colds

During cold, when you drink alcohol moderately that helps to prevent the consumer against the colds. The red wine contains antioxidants that help to minimize the risk of cold by 60%.


Alcohol offer libido-boosting power for women

According to the sexual medicine study, the alcohol is so much beneficial for ladies because it contains rich antioxidants that can trigger the nitric oxide production in the blood, which relax the artery walls and create the sensual feel.


Red wine is beneficial to the heart

According to the researches, the wine is always good for great health and also helps to reduce high fat within seven weeks.