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Nutritional Benefits of Alcohol


Enjoy a few drinks during lunch time or evening time is thought by a perfectly reasonable habit that won’t affect your nutritional intakes. The nutritional benefit of alcohol is something that always gets the blood flowing for avid fans of alcohol, but while it does have amazing nutritional benefits. Moderate alcohol consumption is good for the heart and it protects from coronary heart disease and it will also help to thin the blood and prevent clotting problems and the alcohol nutrient is also said to have anti-inflammatory effects because it is largely a vasodilator.

Alcohol for weight gain:

Most people are aware that there is some connection between alcohol consumption and weight gain. But there is some truth to the idea of weight gain and regular over consumption of alcohol. Most people tend to think that alcoholic drinks contains a lot of sugar and immediately latch on to that as the weight gain culprit but, many non-alcoholic drinks such as sodas and other energy drinks contain more. But alcohol will help you to gain your weight.

Reduce risk of diabetes:

Alcohol increases the level of a hormone that will improve insulin sensitivity. It makes easier for your body to process glucose and use it as energy and helps reduce the amount of sugar in the blood stream and ultimately reduce the risk for developing diabetes.

Boost Brainpower:

Researchers hypothesize that since moderate drinking raises good cholesterol, it can improve blood flow of the brain. It will help you boost your brain power and reduce the major stresses, relieves your brain related problems.

Reduce Gallstones:

Alcohol reduce the risk of gallstones, remember how alcohol increase good cholesterol in your blood stream, well it affects cholesterol in the gallbladder too. Moderate alcohol drinking can reduce the risk by helping you maintain a healthy weight.

Wine alcohol promotes longevity:

Drinking occasionally could add a few years of your lie. Wine drinkers have a 35 percent lower mortality rate than beer or sprits drinkers. In regular basis, you can take a minimum amount of wine or alcohol content in your daily diet, it will promote longevity and give the long lasting effect for your body.

Lower risk of stroke:

The possibility of suffering a blood clot, related strokes drops by about 55 percent in people who consume moderate amount of alcohol. Prevent from small blood clots and strokes, heart, neck and brain, the ultimate cause of many heart attacks and most common kind of stroke.

Helps prevent against the common cold:

Moderate alcohol consumption led to a decrease in common cold cases for non- smokers. Some studies prove that by drinking eight to ten glasses of wine per week, particularly wine, could give the reduction in the risk of developing a cold. It also has the antioxidant property.

Get over a malaria infection:

The alcohol drinks are widely used like a tonic in the western world and historically been used to treat malarial infections. Much more effective solutions have been developed with the help of alcohol contain drinks.

The nutritional benefits of alcohol are there to be taken advantage of as long as it is not abused or misused nor used to justify obviously irresponsible actions like over drinking, be limit with your alcohol intake. It will definitely help for long life