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Proteins an Body Building Nutritious Food


The proteins are the main thing for body building and it is also called as the molecules or macro molecules it consists of one or more chains. The proteins are the important nutritious food that is required to protect the human parts from the diseases. The proteins are helped to low your blood pressure through the nutritious food and they all used to strengthen.

  • Muscles
  • Skin
  • Bones

It is used to provide shield around the body and support us daily. The proteins would digest and form an amino acid and would also been useful for the development of the cells and it would support in the physical growth.


Three care proteins

It provides and protects all three kinds of the person and it would give strength to them to maintain their health and the stages are.

  • Childhood stage
  • Adolescence sage and
  • Pregnancy

During the pregnancy stage it also would give protection to the mother and for the child.


The function of proteins

Proteins are made up of the thousands of smaller units which are known as the amino acid. Then it provides as the functions and acts as.

  • Antibodies
  • Transport storage
  • Enzyme
  • Messenger
  • Structural components

There are the works that would be done by the proteins. The protein content is high in the following nutritious food. They are

  • Fish beans
  • Pork loin
  • Fish
  • Nuts
  • Cheese
  • Beans

These are the foods that help to enrich the proteins.


Anti oxidants

This also would contain the high protein level which would protect our skin from the ultra violet rays. Due to the pollution the ultra violet ray’s falls directly from the sun to the human skin so the skins get damage and these anti oxidants could help to protect the skin from such kind of the damages


Omega-3 fatty acid

It is also used to protect the human from the immune deficiencies and used to fight from the immunity based diseases. It is used to make a glow inside the body by providing the required proteins.


Fit body only by proteins

The proteins are an energy agent that provides and gives strength and it will help to maintain the diet and it helps to protect the body from the diseases. The food can be got from

  • Green leaves
  • Fresh fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Proteins


Blood pressure protector

It also helps the person to give strength to the heart and it also helps to maintain the pressure level in our body and keep stable. It would provide a control to protect the high and low level of the blood pressure. The proteins also helps the person in order to loss the weight easily and to maintain slim body. The nutritious foods that provide good health and help to decrease the weight are

  • Milk
  • egg
  • Green leaves
  • Vegetables


Nutritious proteins

The every food that we eat contains the proteins, vitamins and minerals and it is used for providing strength to the body and if we avoid the proteins then the health also would avoid us.