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What is protein- Know its importance


Proteins are one of the largest compound that made by a combination of smaller amino acids. The main responsibility of protein is contributing enough energy to the human body. Each gram of protein consists of four calories and 20 amino acids, which are collectively known as the complete proteins. Inside the body, the protein can have the various jobs and the body uses this nutrient for sufficient energy. It can also be used for carrying signals from one parts of the body to another as well as create the structure including the muscles. According the nutrition experts, the high consumption of protein is harmful to the body, so you have to take it in a limited portion.

The protein can also be the essential source of energy, which plays main role in the growth as well as repair. It also highly supports to form muscles, skin, nails, and hair and also organs include liver, heart and kidneys. Normally, you can get enough proteins in the plant and animals. The plants sources include nuts, grains, soy protein, soy beans and pulses and so on where as the animal sources include chicken, meat, eggs, fish, cheese, yoghurt and also milk. By consuming the right nutrition diet, you will get significant amount of proteins to your body.

How much protein does your body need?

Every day, the human body requires about 10 to 35% of protein that requires to intake calories. According to the nutrition results, the body recommends to intake 1 gram of protein per 1 kg of body weight. You should also remember to keep in mind that too much consumption of protein might be harmful to the body. It put stress to the liver as well as kidneys and also tries to dispose the extra amount of protein. To obtain the right amount of this nutrient, you can intake the following sources of food such as eggs, lentils, tofu, soymilk and meat products such as fish, chicken, and hamburger and also the dairy products such as cottage, cheese, yogurt and milk.

Why it is important to take protein foods?

Basically, the amount of protein you require depends on several factors, but one of the most essential things is your activity level. Primarily, the basic recommendation for intake of protein is 0.8gms per kg that common for healthy kids. But this much protein is not enough for athletes.

By consuming right amount of proteins, it is not only helpful for the growth, repair and maintain, but also sustain the overall chemical reactions in the body. There are 100, 000 various types of proteins available in the human body that majorly supports the human body’s growth, healing and maintain. Below are some of the surprising facts about protein intake that includes:

  • It is one of the major nutrients that provide enough calories to the body.
  • It helps to improve the function of human brain
  • It may also helps to lose weight and maintain the proper blood sugar levels
  • Eating protein is not only building muscles, but also provides the nourishment to your body.